secure your airspace from unauthorized drones

A leader in drone detection system implementation and training

What We Do

We help protect your airspace from unauthorized drones

Airspace Security

Terra Vigilis provides drone detection systems to protect valuable venues and critical infrastructures from aerial threats.

Each customer, each venue, each critical infrastructure has unique anti-drone protection needs. Therefore, working with our customers, we determine requirements, design solutions, install them, train personnel and provide ongoing tests through simulated threat events. Threats will change over time; we will be there with updated knowledge, equipment, and procedures to meet the challenges.

Education and Training

Terra Vigilis provides seminars, workshops and flight instruction for persons or agencies with interest in drone detection systems. Training content may cover a wide set of topics including introductory workshops on history, technical flight characteristics to flight operations within the security realm.

Terra Vigilis has FAA certified flight instructors affiliated with University and professional flight schools in the Southeast Wisconsin region. We can provide individualized and/or on-site training as needed.

About Us

Integrating Seamlessly into Your Existing Security Infrastructure

Terra Vigilis founders have extensive backgrounds in aviation, security, and technology. Terra Vigilis’ mission is to enhance safety of the airspace from unwanted UAV intrusions around airports, correctional institutions, and critical infrastructure through detection, tracking, and countermeasures. After understanding the requirements, systems are tested, threat analysis’ are conducted, and solutions are implemented. ┬áThe Terra Vigilis team consists of subject matter experts with backgrounds in computer information systems, radio frequency engineering, law enforcement, military counter-terror operations, and professional aviation. Most importantly, all of the Terra Vigilis principals are FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot certified.

Affiliations and Partnerships